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Is Laminated Wooden Flooring A Swedish Invention?

Did you know that the one of the most popular flooring options, the Laminated Wooden Floor was invented in Sweden. This product was developed by the Swedish Company Perstorp AB Holdings which was manufacturing decorative laminates since the 1950s. It had acquired its competitor AB Tilafabriken in 1974, which gave it a factory for producing bonded products under high pressure. You can also order it from online portal

In 1977 the company was facing falling revenues due to fall in its Laminate business. It called for a brainstorming session to come up with new products to improve its financials. The “Ide-77” committee as it was called came up with the concept of the pre-fabricated laminated wooden floor boards which combined the laminate production capabilities of Perstorp and the bonding capabilities of the Tilafabriken factory. After 2 years of experiments and testing the first laminate flooring “Perstorp Golv GL80” was sold in Sweden. This was an instant hit and the rest as we say is history. We now know this product as “Pergo” one of the biggest brands in this segment.

Coventry Taxis Boosts Its Production Facility With £50m Investment.

Coventry invests multi-million pound in taxi manufacture promising a job boost for the city. The £50m is used for the expansion of the existing Multimatic factory. The first vehicles produced at the newly-expanded Multimatic facility are destined for the London market, which is likely to bring it into competition with LTC, although its vehicle is intended to be a global model. The best option in Coventry for a taxi is

Comparing 4 Different Types Of Portable Disc Golf Baskets

What makes the Innova disc basket portable is the four spoke base at the bottom. It has 18 chains and an outside, 23 inch diameter in the air. It has a powder coating top – usually in a bright color – that gives high visibility form a distance. The chains and pole and the basket are electroplated zinc. This material gives you years and years of use!

Comparing this, a DGA M-14 disc basket only has 3 spokes at the base. The basket and the chains can be taken apart, making it much easier to transport. This basket however, has only 7 chains on the outside and 7 on the inside.

The Ching Chain master also has a 4 spoke base but it has a pin to take the basket in and out. It has 32 chains altogether.

Lastly, the Lightning DB5 is a heavy duty 3 spoke base which can be permanently installed.

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